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    What is Spiriva Respimat used for?

    Spiriva Respimat (tiotropium bromide inhalation spray) is used to treat the coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath associated with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other lung diseases. It is a long term once daily maintenance treatment for adult patients with asthma. Spiriva helps you breathe easier by relaxing the muscles around the airways and opening them up. Spiriva will not work quickly enough to provide relief for sudden breathing problems.

    Buy Spiriva Respimat Online

    Spiriva Respimat Information

    How to Use Spiriva Respimat?

    Read any information given by your pharmacist when starting or refilling Spiriva. Follow the instructions for test sprays in the air when you use the inhaler for the first time, or if you haven’t used it for more than 3 days or more than 21 days. Ensure you spray the inhaler away from your face so that you don’t get medication in your eyes. A slow-moving mist means the inhaler is working properly. Inhale Spiriva by mouth as instructed by your doctor, usually 2 sprays daily. Don’t inhale more than 2 sprays in a 24 hour period. Avoid getting Spiriva in your eyes.

    When using the redihaler, put your lips tightly around the mouthpiece. Rinse your mouth after you use the inhaler to prevent throat irritation and dry mouth. Wait at least 1 minute between the use of each medication. Use it regularly to get the most benefit from it. To help you remember, use it at the same time daily. Don’t use the drug more often or for longer than prescribed as this will increase your risk of side effects.

    When Spiriva is used for asthma treatment it can take 4-8 weeks before you experience the full benefits. Learn which inhalers to use for maintenance and which are for quick relief and talk to your doctor about what to do if you have worsening cough, shortness of breath, increased sputum, wheezing, or if your quick-relief inhaler doesn’t seem to be working well. Learn when you can treat sudden breathing problems on your own and when to seek medical attention. If your condition persists or worsens, talk to your doctor.

    Spiriva Respimat Drug Interactions?

    Although some medicines shouldn’t be used together at all, in other cases two medications that interact can still be used together. In these cases, your doctor will be able to change the dose or take other necessary precautions.

    The following medications may interact with Spiriva:

    This is not an exhaustive list of medications that can interact with Spiriva. Ensure you share a list of all the products you take including prescription, non-prescription, herbal products, and vitamins. If you have any questions about any medications including Spiriva you can reach out to our customer care team to get connected with a pharmacist at 1-844-416-4282.

    Other interactions

    Some medications shouldn’t be used at or around the time of eating certain types of food or eating food at all since interactions may occur. Using tobacco or alcohol with some medications can also cause interactions to occur. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about using your medication with alcohol, tobacco, or food.

    Other medical problems

    The presence of other medical conditions can affect the use of Spiriva. Make sure you make your doctor aware of any of the following medical problems you may have:

    • Allergy to milk proteins
    • Difficult urination
    • Enlarged prostate
    • Glaucoma, narrow angle
    • Urinary bladder blockage—Use with caution. This may make these conditions worse.
    • Kidney disease, moderate to severe—Use with caution. The effects may be increased because of the slower removal of the medicine from the body.

    What are Side Effects of Spiriva Respimat?

    Some common side effects of Spiriva are: constipation, dry mouth, or dizziness. If these worsen or persist, talk to your health care professional. Your doctor has assessed the benefits and risks of this medication and has prescribed it because they believe the benefits outweigh the risks. Most people on Spiriva do not experience serious side effects. Infrequently, Spiriva can cause sudden worsening of breathing problems immediately after use. If this happens, use your quick-relief inhaler and get medical help right away.

    If you have any of these serious side effects tell your doctor right away: fast heartbeat or difficult/painful urination. If you have any very serious side effects including: vision changes, or eye swelling/redness/pain, seek medical help right away. A serious allergic reaction to Spiriva is rare. If you notice any symptoms of an allergic reaction get immediate medical attention. These symptoms include: severe dizziness, trouble breathing, itching/swelling, and rash.

    Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the medical advice provided by a certified medical professional. You require your doctor's approval prior to buying or using Prescription Drugs sold here. We do have a pharmacist on staff if your doctor is unavailable to provide medical advice when you buy Spiriva Respimat online. Do not use the information here to ignore or contradict advice provided by a licensed medical professional. Always seek medical advice if you have any questions or concerns about this medication.

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