What Are The Differences Between Brand Name And Prescription Drugs?

Many people have strong opinions on whether or not they will use a generic medication. Whether it is due to personal experience, brand loyalty or concerns about using a cheaper product, some people simply will not accept a generic equivalent drug.

It’s hard to argue when someone has a firm preference in mind, lots of people are also on the fence on whether or not it is the best form of treatment. We’ll try to explain what may or may not be the difference between brand name and generic drugs to help individuals make an informed decision on which product is right for you.

The most obvious difference is the price of a generic product compared to a branded product. If you see a medicine that is $100 and $20 for the same drug, you’ll get two types of answers from people

“Why should I pay $100 for a drug that costs $20? I’ll get the one that’s cheaper”

“Why would I get a cheaper product when the real deal costs $100? I’ll get the more expensive product”

The difference in price means different things to people. The conclusions are drawn from opposing perspectives. Sometimes the difference in price is even more drastic, which only strengthens each argument.

The fact of the matter is that the price is not indicative of the quality of the medication. Brand and generic drugs both work the same way and provide the same therapeutic effects. The only differences are the binders, colors, shape and markings on the pills. The only medical reason to choose a brand product over a generic product is if you have an allergy to any inactive ingredients.

The reason that brand drugs are more expensive is because the manufacturer needs to recoup the development costs of formulating and creating a new drug. They are given exclusive rights to the formulation for a period of time.

Once the patent ends, generic manufacturers have an opportunity to produce the drug. Due to new and higher levels of competition, generic manufacturers sell their products at a much cheaper rate. These undergo similar scrutiny as the brand manufacturer. They are regulated by the same organizations and have the same safety and efficacy.

As the original creators of the drug, brand manufacturer’s can continue to sell their product at higher cost under its patented name. This name often comes with a reputation of safety and effectiveness. Popular drugs may also be better advertised and have an association with treatment for the consideration. The brand product must also list the name of the active ingredient, this is usually the same name of the generic equivalent. Brand products must also indicate the actual name of the medicine. So the brand product will have the generic anime on the label as well.

Ultimately, you should use whatever you are comfortable with. If you want to spend more money on something that you have been taking for years and has helped manage your health (or even saved your life) nobody should persuade you to take something different.

Many Americans have to skip doses and ration their medication. This can result in worse medication treatment and that does have a tangible impact on your health. Many individuals may not have the ability to afford food and prescription drugs which may necessitate a need to switch to a less expensive product.

You can feel safe using a generic product as long as it is sourced from a safe and effective online pharmacy. Inhalers Online only sources medication (Brand or Generic) from licensed pharmacy partners in the country of origin. We always guarantee that our products are comparable to the more expensive drugs purchased in the U.S.