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Our pets are our family and we try to do our best to keep them happy and healthy. Whether it’s common parasites or life-saving inhalers, Your Canada Drug Store wants to make sure you are getting the best price on their prescriptions. We have the same brand and generic products you find locally and dispensed by a licensed pharmacy. Below are few popular Pet Meds Online.

Popular Pet Medication

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Rimadyl (Carprofen)

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More people are ordering their cheap pet meds online as they are not finding viable options locally. Items found in the veterinary office can often have mark-ups that can reach 100-160 percent compared to more affordable options that can be found online. Online pharmacies are a competitive marketplace and having to go through an expensive visit to the vet, nobody wants to pay an exorbitant cost for the drugs that may need to live a long comfortable life.

Medication for pets goes through the same process as humans to ensure quality and safety. We don’t cut corners. We ensure that every order is reviewed by a veterinarian and that their treatment plan is being followed. Filling a pet’s prescription requires the same care as the medications we fill for people. There may be side effects and drug allergies that need to be considered Whether it’s for your cat, dog or horse we’ll try to make sure they get the medicine they need.

Ordering online is quick and easy and we can accept the prescription before or after you place your order to make sure it’s convenient. We also have a lowest price guarantee. If you see a lower price somewhere else we can match and beat the price. You can search for prices on our website to make sure that you are paying the lowest price online. If you prefer to speak to a representative we have our customer care staff to handle your orders and compare prices.

We follow all the regulations of the industry to ensure that your pet has a safe medication experience, Like humans, ordering prescription required medication needs the proper documentation. The veterinarian decides if the product is required for the pet’s health. Doing anything else may compromise your friend’s safety. The animals in your care depend on you to make informed decisions about what is necessary for their well being. There is no reason to pay inflated costs to get the best result for them. We try our best to ensure that safety and cost are not mutually exclusive concerns. The best thing we can do is provide both.

Call, E-mail or look us up online for a no-obligation quote and see for yourself. We have a return guarantee to make sure you and your pets are satisfied with your order.