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Why did need to close?

Why did need to close?

Canada Drugs used to be the most trusted Canadian Pharmacy, but they were shut down by the US Department of Justice last year. As a result of one of the best online Canadian pharmacies shutting down, many Americans might be hesitant to buy drugs from Canada online, but as long as you know what to look for you can still find a safe Canadian pharmacy online. First, you have to understand why shut down.

As a result of a plea bargain signed in April of 2018 by the US Department of Justice, the owners of CanadaDrugs were required to forfeit their website and other websites they operate to the US Government. has now been shut down since July 13th of 2018.

This case did not involve the sale of medications from the website Canada Drugs had safely sold medication at low cost to Americans for many years and was considered by many to be the most trusted Canadian Pharmacy. This case was related to a separate business the owners had where they sold medication directly to doctor’s offices. Two batches of the cancer medication Avastin that entered the United Kingdom supply chain were found to be fake and were sold to US medical offices in 2011.

CanadadrugsThis medication was not sold to retail customers for personal use from their website

This has also happened in the USA before. CVS and were discovered to be selling fake Lipitor. Even though drug supply chains are very secure if there are multiple parties involved these things can happen. The Canadian supply chain is one of the most secure worldwide.

The ruling against CanadaDrugs has not affected any other online Canadian pharmacies and there are other top Canadian online pharmacies available to help you get your medications.
When choosing your new Canadian drug store, ensure you’re researching all of the best online Canadian pharmacies and investigate each website. Just because a website promises cheap Canadian drugs online doesn’t mean they are sourcing safe and effective medication.

You can look for the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) seal to ensure that you’re dealing with a legitimate Canadian Drug Store. Only the top Canadian online pharmacies seek out and obtain verification from CIPA.
Your Canada Drug Store customer care is verified by CIPA and we are dedicated to continuing to provide patients with the top level of care. We connect customers to safe, government-approved pharmacies from Canada as well as other international sources to make sure customers are getting the best price on their medications.

When looking for a new place to buy cheap Canadian drugs online keep in mind to check what countries the store is sourcing their medication from. Some online Canada Drugs knock-offs will hide where they source their medications from, so be sure to ask to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate Canadian pharmacy online and not a rogue pharmacy

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