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    What is Myoflex (Trolamine Salicylate) used for?

    Myoflex (trolamine salicylate) is prescribed to patients to treat pain and aches in the muscles and joints. This medication might be prescribed for conditions including backache, sprains, or arthritis. It is classified with medications called salicylates.

    Buy Myoflex (Trolamine Salicylate) Online

    Myoflex (Trolamine Salicylate) Information

    How to Use Myoflex?

    Always follow all directions on the packaging closely. Myoflex is only applied to the skin. Do not get it into your nose, eyes, or mouth. Apply Myoflex to the area in pain at most 3-4 times per day. Rub it into the skin thoroughly and gently and wash your hands after you apply Myoflex.

    If your skin is broken or irritated do not apply Myoflex to it. Talk to your healthcare professional if your condition persists for over a week, if it is reoccurring, or if it worsens. Talk to your doctor if you think you may have a serious medical issue or seek help immediately.

    Myoflex Drug Interactions

    There are some medications that should never be used together. However sometimes even though there’s an interactions between two medications, sometimes you can still use the medications together. Your doctor will be able to monitor the medications you take and adjust your dosages as needed.The following medications may interact with Myoflex. Talk to your doctor before taking these products in combination with Myoflex as they may need to prescribe alternative products, adjust your dosages, or advise you on timing for each medication.

    Always give your doctor a list of all medications you take so that they can monitor for drug interactions. Your list should include the prescription, non-prescription, and herbal products you take. If you have any questions about how your medications may interact speak with a doctor or pharmacist.

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