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    What is Proglycem used for?

    Proglycem is used to treat low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in adults and children. Certain cancers and tumors can cause the body to create too much insulin. Excess insulin in the body can lower blood sugar to unsafe levels. It is not recommended to treat hypoglycemia from a poor diet or lack of nutrition.

    Buy Proglycem Online

    Proglycem Information

    Proglycem dosage

    Proglycem is taken orally as often as prescribed by your doctor. It usually needs to be taken every 8- 12 hours in equal doses. You may also need to follow specific lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.

    Your dose is based on your medical condition, weight and history of treatment. You will need to frequently check your urine and blood sugar to ensure the medication is working. Sometimes it can cause high blood sugar levels if it works too well. Your healthcare professional will determine if your dose needs to be changed or if you need a different treatment.

    It works best when taken consistently around the same time every day. If you miss a dose, you can take it when you remember. If it’s nearly time for your next dose, you can skip the missed dose and continue with your schedule.

    How Proglycem works

    Proglycem works by managing the release of insulin in the body. It prevents the release of superfluous insulin caused by medical conditions.

    Proglycem side effects

    This is not a complete list of potential side effects of Proglycem. You may experience side effects that are not listed here. Report side effects to your doctor or pharmacist. If you find them unmanageable, call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

    By prescribing Proglycem, your doctor has determined that the benefits outweigh the potential adverse reactions. We also have a pharmacist that can provide counseling when you buy Proglycem online.

    • Stomach ache
    • weight loss
    • loss of consciousness
    • Abdominal or stomach pain
    • heavier menstrual periods
    • Increased hair growth, especially on the forehead, back, arms, and legs
    • increased hunger
    • weakness
    • dizziness
    • skin rash
    • blood in the urine
    • urinating large amounts or urinating very little
    • increased urination
    • unusual tiredness or weakness
    • vomiting
    • nausea
    • fast, irregular, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse
    • bloody nose
    • loss of taste
    • fever
    • pinpoint red spots on the skin
    • fruit-like breath odor
    • troubled breathing
    • Loss of appetite
    • confusion
    • dizziness, faintness, or lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position
    • flushed, dry skin
    • extreme thirst
    • dry mouth
    • Chest pain
    • unusual bleeding or bruising
    • increased thirst
    • black, tarry stools
    • blurred vision
    • unexplained weight loss or weight gain
    • sweating
    • seizures

    Proglycem precautions and warnings

    Always read and understand the medication guide provided with the product before you begin taking treatment. When you buy Proglycem online from Your Canada Drug Store, we always send the products in the manufacturer’s packaging.

    This may not be safe to use during pregnancy. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. They need to determine if it will harm an unborn baby or pass on breastmilk.

    Advise your doctor if you have a history of the following conditions:

    • kidney disease
    • low blood minerals
    • liver disease
    • diabetes
    • heart failure
    • gout
    • heart disease

    They may grow worse with Proglycem treatment or may affect how well the medication works. Discuss with your doctor if this is safe for infants and newborns.
    Your dose may need to change when your body requires more insulin, such as during surgery, when injured or sick. Advise your doctor if you encounter these situations. Some medications may affect your blood sugar as well. This may affect your dose and quality of treatment.

    Proglycem drug interactions

    The following drugs are known to interact with Proglycem. This is not an exhaustive list of all possible drug interactions. It is important to disclose all your current vitamins, supplements, OTC drugs, herbal products and anything including prescription medicines. You should also advise your doctor or dentist before surgery.

    Your doctor needs this information to prevent allergic reactions or adverse effects. They may have to determine if the interaction is worth the benefit of using both drugs.

    • Bromfenac
    • Lithium
    • Fenoprofen
    • Tolfenamic Acid
    • Naproxen
    • Mefenamic Acid
    • Oxaprozin
    • Meloxicam
    • Felbinac
    • Celecoxib
    • Desmopressin
    • Bufexamac
    • Flurbiprofen
    • Tiaprofenic Acid
    • Piroxicam
    • Fosphenytoin
    • Diclofenac
    • Nabumetone
    • Dofetilide
    • Dexibuprofen
    • Fepradinol
    • Choline Salicylate
    • Clonixin
    • Rofecoxib
    • Etoricoxib
    • Amtolmetin Guacil
    • Nimesulide
    • Methamphetamine

    Proglycem Generic

    There is currently no generic equivalent for Proglycem. One may be available in the future.

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    Proglycem FAQs

    Do you need a prescription for Proglycem?

    Proglycem requires a prescription. It cannot be dispensed from a licensed pharmacy without one.

    Who makes Proglycem?

    It is manufactured by Merck Canada Inc.

    Is Proglycem only used for cancer?

    This is not a cancer medication. It is, however, often used by individuals with cancer as their condition can cause hypoglycemia. It may be used with any medical condition that dramatically reduces blood sugar.

    Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the medical advice provided by a certified medical professional. You require your doctor's approval prior to buying or using Prescription Drugs sold here. We do have a pharmacist on staff if your doctor is unavailable to provide medical advice when you buy Proglycem online. Do not use the information here to ignore or contradict advice provided by a licensed medical professional. Always seek medical advice if you have any questions or concerns about this medication.