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Why No Visa and Master Card

Visa and Master Card have recently implemented an initiative called “Global Brand Protection Program” which has forcibly changed how our business can accept and process payments. Due to this recent development, we are unable to accept Visa and Master Card for any medication purchases.

The reason for this development is related to some “rogue pharmacies” that have been selling medications without first accepting a valid prescription and we agree that those companies should not be allowed to accept credit card payments. However, every type of business has fraud and unlike other practices, we have been unfairly grouped in with these “rogues”. Your Canada Drug Store stands by our customers, all of whom are required to submit valid prescriptions from a licensed physician and do not think that they should be punished because of others’ actions.
Visa and Master Card believe that this will protect certain brands of medication but we disagree with this rationale. All this does, in reality, is make Americans pay more for their prescription medications.

If you’re curious about the practices of Canadian pharmacies you can read more at the Canadian International Pharmacy Association website Here.

At this time the only methods of payment our company is accepting are American Express, Electronic Funds Transfer or check/money order through the mail. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes during the ordering process. You can scan or fax a copy of your check to our office in order to complete the Electronic Funds Transfer quickly and securely, this is the quickest method of payment we are able to offer at this time.
The check payment will be handled securely in line with the terms and conditions of ordering as customer safety and privacy is our highest priority at all times.
If you would like to know more about Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

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