Delicious & Healthy Benefits from Desserts

October 14 is National Desserts Day. There is no doubt, desserts are delicious and makes us all happy whenever we eat them. But did you know that they offer healthy benefits too?

Desserts are packed with nutrients.

While desserts may not be the healthiest form of carbohydrates, the right indulgences can fuel your body & mind. Pumpkin pie or dark chocolate contain rich sources of whole foods that provide necessary vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants to your diet.

Desserts are mood boosters!

Foods that have a naturally high percentage of carbohydrates help the brain & body produce chemicals (serotonin) that contribute to overall emotional well-being.

Eating desserts can actually improve your overall weight and health.

Balancing your indulgences with healthier eating and regular exercise is more likely to lead to diet success than completely eliminating them (elimination just leads to binge eating).

Desserts offer a convenient opportunity to incorporate more fruit into your diet.

Don’t be afraid to get creative; from chocolate-covered strawberries to vanilla and mango smoothies, the options are all scrumptious and endless.

Desserts can remedy the negative side effects of dieting.

Ever wonder why they serve jello or chocolate pudding to hospital patients? When patients lose their appetite due to illness, it is easier and more enjoyable to consume sugary, low-nutrient carbohydrates than any other type of food. Suddenly decreasing your intake of carbs & sugar deprives your body of the necessary glucose needed for energy.

Eating a moderate amount of dessert has its perks in our overall lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Don’t skip dessert and remember they offer healthy benefits! Order those chocolate covered strawberries and reduce unnecessary cravings!