Safe Canadian Online Pharmacies


How do you know when you have found a safe Canadian online pharmacy? It is important to do your research and make sure your medications are coming from a reputable pharmacy. When choosing an online drugstore, Canada is one of your safest options. Medication from Canada undergoes strict testing through government regulatory bodies, similar to the FDA in the United States. This ensures your medication is safe and effective. The best Canadian pharmacies online are CIPA approved. Both of these websites have listed the top Canadian pharmacy online options. These two seals provide you with the assurance that your information is safe, and that they are a reputable Canadian drug store.  These websites ensure that only the top Canadian pharmacies online are listed as they uphold a set of standards in medication quality, patient safety, and customer service.

You may be wondering how Canadian pharmacies are able to offer substantial savings on prescription medications. When choosing an online drugstore, Canada has the ability to offer great prices when compared to those in the states. Often generic medications are made available through international pharmacies before they are available in the United States. These pharmacies are able to purchase these medications at international rates directly from the manufacturer. This enables online pharmacies to pass these savings on to you! There is also a reduced overhead cost with online pharmacies. The best Canadian pharmacies online are efficient and can process orders quickly with a dedicated team of pharmacists and technicians without the interruptions of a front counter. Meaning orders can go through the necessary checks and be filled at a faster rate.

You know you are dealing with a safe Canadian online pharmacy if they require a prescription. If a pharmacy is allowing the purchase of medication without a prescription this is a reason to be wary. A reputable Canadian drug store will have experienced licensed pharmacists available to answer questions and provide counsel to patients. Patients must be wary of rogue pharmacies claiming to be Canadian as there are sites that will sell counterfeit medication, and promise new/ fast cures. Be careful what language these sites use as this may indicate an illegitimate pharmacy.

Your Canada Drug Store is proud to be CIPA approved. We have pharmacists available who have been involved in the online pharmacy business for over 20 years and can provide you excellent service. We are dedicated to our patients’ safety and offer great pricing for your prescription needs. Your Canada Drug Store offers peace of mind when ordering prescriptions online.